The official first step in the Great Garden Renovation (after the Massacre of the Not-So-Innocents, that is) was to deliver some cosmic justice to my nemesis the Killer Viburnum.

Here’s the K.V. in all its allergy-provoking “glory.” I’m feeling itchy just looking at this picture!!

I’d been hacking it back severely for the past couple of years only because I thought the house would ‘show’ better to a potential purchaser if there weren’t a big empty space at the start of the front walkway; but my recent decision to stay meant that for the K.V., doomsday was now inevitable. And the sooner the better.


I began by removing as many branches as I could. To my credit, I did manage to do so without chanting – a la the dodos in Ice Age – “Doom on you! Doom on you!” …. Well, okay, maybe I did, just once. Or twice. But no more than three choruses of it, honest. Or four; I might have lost count.



And then as the tree guys were finishing up on the second day, I prevailed upon one of them to give it a swipe with his trusty chainsaw. In a trice the K.V. was finally vanquished!

I will be doing the Epsom salts trick in the spring, in order to kill the remains. If I had a trailer hitch and a chain, I’d try to get the entire thing out of the ground, roots and all. However, chemical means should work just as well (I hope.)

What I didn’t realize was that the Killer Viburnum, in the best bad-guy tradition, had been distracting my attention from noticing a different and more damaging situation that was going on right next to it. I’d been so busy glowering and muttering at the K.V. for the past few years that I’d entirely missed the presence of…… the lurking evil that is the subject of my next post!