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Nautical Essex Crystal Antique Jewelry

Essex crystal and enamel Victorian yacht brooch

The fourth popular motif in Victorian era Essex crystal jewelry was the nautical theme, particularly that of pennants which denoted specific yacht clubs or even spelled out words using the nautical alphabet. Boats and ships themselves were also represented.   This pair of flag (I’ll use the word “flag” here even though some of them…

Flower Designs in Antique Essex Crystal

antique Essex crystal lily of the valley pendant

Having spent some time among the animals and birds, why don’t we stroll through an Essex crystal flower garden?     This charming Victorian piece is actually a parasol handle! Made of gold and accented with diamonds, it is mounted so as to display six different flowers. We can see a daisy, an iris, and…

Antique and Vintage Essex Crystal: Birds

Essex crystal European goldfinch and thistle diamond ring

Birds were another favorite subject for reverse carved Essex crystal jewelry. The Victorian pieces in particular portrayed game birds, hunting being a popular sport of the times (as seen in the Essex crystal Animals post.) Although not all of the examples below are antique, all are undoubtedly attractive!              …