Impending Cybis-content Relocation

This is just a heads-up that sometime within the next two weeks all of the Cybis-related content is going to be relocated to a separate, dedicated site.

Almost all of the content will be staying here until the one or two days when the pages are migrated over pretty much all at once. However, a few of the ‘Reference’ pages will be moved this week — this is to avoid overly annoying Google, which is notoriously allergic to duplicate content.πŸ˜‰

Because some people may have bookmarked specific posts, the current post will remain here temporarily but will have its contents replaced by a ‘relocation notice’ plus a direct link to its new site URL. After a few months, or whenever I see the new location showing up reliably on Google, the “redirect” posts here will go away.

There won’t be any newly written Cybis posts here until everything is shifted to the new site, and I will be definitely be posting an “Announcement Page” with the new site link. I believe it will be much easier for people to navigate when all of the Cybis information is on its own site without any “distractions.” Thanks so much for your patience in the meanwhile!πŸ™‚