A New Mystery Maker Style

I was very surprised recently to find an entirely new (to me) design from my mysterious 1930s Art Deco era jewelry maker.

vintage 1930s geometric green enamel art deco necklace and bracelet set

This set is done in one of the maker’s signature color combos of these three particular shades of green. The necklace is 5/8” wide and 17” long. The bracelet is 3/8” wide and 7.75” long. Both have hidden clasps.

1930s green and white enamel art deco necklaceHere is a slight color variation on the above necklace, where the medium green is replaced by the pale green, and the pale green replaced by crisp white. This necklace was made in a choker length of 15” long.

vintage 1930s art deco burgundy and red enamel necklace

vintage 1930s burgundy and red enamel art deco braceleet

This set is done in a yummy combination of dark brown and rich red (chocolate-covered cherries, anyone??). The necklace is 15.5” long and the bracelet is the same size as the triple-greens example above.

It’s interesting to speculate on whether these were sold individually or as a necklace/bracelet combo. Thus far, the only matches I’ve come across are the necklaces and bracelets having the textured-surface bow. I would guess, though, that perhaps some of the flat mesh band necklaces may well have had bracelets to match.

I can only assume that this design must have been made in other colorways as well, and will be keeping my eyes open for variations!

Clearly this maker must have sold their jewelry with a paper hangtag attached, and so unless by some miracle someone finds a cache of unworn ones in great-grandma’s bottom drawer someday (or I unearth an old newspaper ad from a store that sold them) we may never know the company name – but I live in hope, LOL.

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If you have any information about this jewelry or photographs of examples that do not yet appear in this blog series, I would be delighted to include them in a future post! Please use the Contact Form on the About the Chatsworth Lady page.

  1 comment for “A New Mystery Maker Style

  1. May 12, 2015 at 10:21 am

    Very nice, especially the chocolate cherry!

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