Remember the weird “alien from the Planet Zork” fungi (?) shown in the the last photo in  my early May post? Well, I never did get a chance to bring a sample of it to the lab at the Cooperative Extension Service before the mulch was put down last week, but I figured oh well, they are probably dead now anyway and so they’ll be covered up… most likely the best approach anyhow.

This morning as I walked to my car I happened to notice this poking up from what had been a smooth blank expanse of six-day-old mulch:

alien fungus from the Planet Zork returns

This was absolutely positively NOT there as recently as yesterday evening (this area is un-missable when entering and exiting the house).

It’s either the first of an alien scouting party or a grisly reincarnation of Pac-Man….. not sure which.  Either way, I think its’ expression seems rather peeved and alarmingly purposeful.

So I believe that it’s now time for a trip to the fungicide aisle to see what might work on this stuff, before more of its’ friends start popping up through the mulch and looking around for new worlds to conquer. Stand by for battlefield reports!