Perhaps this tardy Cornus kousa in the backyard of the Temporary Garden thinks it’s fashionable to be late? Although every self-respecting dogwood hereabouts — including the similarly-sized one near the driveway here — has already put on its green coat and left the party three weeks ago, this one is just blooming now.

Cornus kousa June 5th

In fact there are still a few unopened buds here and there.

I have no clue why this dogwood is blooming so much later than all the others. It’s in full sun (the side you’re looking at faces due south; the driveway one faces east) and there is nothing unusual or weird about the soil here, as far as I know. I even took a drive around the surrounding area today to check if there were any other C. kousa anywhere near here in bloom right now; nope, they all peaked three weeks ago, as shown in my May 16th post. However, the references claim that the proper bloom time for C. kousa is early June… not the second week in May which is when everyone else’s (plus the driveway dogwood) was in flower. Mother Nature is messing with our heads again!

I photographed these shaded flowers because (a) they were the easiest to shoot down into, and (b) the bright sun reflecting off the others at the same level was giving my camera fits.

late kousa 2

Actually it’s rather nice to have had two separate doses of the same dogwood in a single spring!