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As a confessed political junkie, the contemplation (all in fun!) of how each of the major 2016 Presidental candidates might respond to a request to change a lightbulb was irresistible…..

Hillary Clinton would notice that the lightbulb was dirty, and wipe it off with a cloth.

Bernie Sanders would refuse to install a new lightbulb made by GE or Phillips and demand one made by a small mom-and-pop USA lightbulb manufacturer instead.

Joe Biden would take a long time to decide whether or not the room needs the extra light.

Carly Fiorina would buy a box of lightbulbs, examine each one, install one, throw 50% of them into the trash, take the others back to the store and, after describing in detail their poor design, receive a full refund plus 10% extra for her trouble.

Lindsey Graham would make a video entitled 16 Ways To Change a Lightbulb, and smash the lightbulb with a golf club at the end.

Rick Perry would refuse to install the lightbulb because it was made in Mexico.

John Kasich would agree to get paid for changing the lightbulb, because the increased illumination would be better for everyone in the room.

Chris Christie would change the lightbulb while listening to Bruce Springsteen.

Rand Paul would go on a 10-hour rant about why lightbulbs should not be subject to sales tax.

Ben Carson would insist on opening a two-pack of lightbulbs.

Marco Rubio would refuse to install a lightbulb that didn’t have a 100% lifetime warranty from day one.

Jeb Bush would change the lightbulb very politely and without making undue noise in the process, after first explaining that his method is not the same way his brother or father would have changed a lightbulb.

Mike Huckabee would change the lightbulb and then post a guard with a rifle in front of the lamp to protect it.

Donald Trump would promise to provide a great lightbulb, and also promise to have ten other new light fixtures installed in the room at somebody else’s expense.