Oakleaf Olympics, Games 2 and 3

The 2015 Oakleaf Olympics resumed this weekend after six days of weather delays due to rain and/or high winds. Here are some highlights and the final scores:


Team Oak 17
Team Chatsworth 15

Team Chatsworth had a much better showing here than in Game One, while Team Oak found itself already short one of their rookies who is now out for the season. This game was played entirely in the back (west) half of the field.

There was an annoying distraction from a simultaneous and extremely one-sided game being played in the next-door arena. That home team effortlessly mopped up the opposition while riding atop a large and extremely noisy piece of equipment resembling a Zamboni – except that instead of laying down ice it extracted the scoring assets, spewed them into a large rear-mounted box, and literally pulverized them. The remains were systematically dumped into a large depression formerly used for water events. The continual din from that team’s Fossil Fuel Marching Band effectively discouraged any winged or furred spectators from attending the Oak-Chatsworth match.

As the game neared the final buzzer, Team Chatsworth was highly motivated to at least go for the tie but was dissuaded by the medical staff in view of the number of games still on the schedule. Having beaten the point spread at any rate, Team Chatsworth headed to the showers (located just past Acetominophen Alley) with head held high.



Team Oak 17
Team Chatsworth 12

Still no “W” although a respectable effort by Team Chatsworth, showing that they can’t be counted out of the series quite yet – postgame analysis suggests some holdover effect from the grueling Game Two played the day before. Perhaps this will underscore the need for better offseason conditioning before next year’s series!

During gameplay it was discovered that almost a dozen members of Team Oak’s minor league affiliate, the Junior Seedlings, had snuck into the arena uninvited. They were immediately evicted.

Team Oak’s cheerleading captain Marla Maple still remained fully clothed, a situation which – based on last year’s series – is likely to continue at least until Game Five. After that, all bets are off.

STANDINGS: Team Oak leads series 3-0.

Continue to Games 3 through 6

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