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The first major 1930s Mystery Jewelry Maker (known here as the MJM) “update” for 2016 starts off with some newfound examples of their bow-motif necklaces and bracelets; recent posts examined their small bow brooch and large bow brooch.


black white and grey 1930s enamel box chain necklace01 detailBecause their chevron is actually a half-bow (or vice versa!) I am including these first two pieces here. This is a newfound colorway (black/white/grey) of their popular chevron/triple box chain necklace. It is 16″ long.




 art deco brass chevron box chain necklaceThis is the first time I’ve seen their chevron/triple box chain necklace in plain brass – all other examples have had some level of enameling – and made without the box chain “fringe.” It too is 16″ long.



silvertone tailored bow chokerMy very first Mystery Jewelry Maker post showed this same necklace in brass. The silvertone version was included in More Mystery Maker Discoveries but with a slight difference: the clasp ends of the chain came to a point and the closure was a spring ring instead of their typical box clasp shown here and on the brass version. This choker necklace is 15″ long.

Chicago Worlds Fair bow necklaceAnother colorway of their 1933/34 Chicago Worlds Fair commemorative necklace. The finish mix is a bit puzzling: the mesh chain appears to be brass, but the bow looks (and indeed was described as) silvertone. The combination of silvertone and brass on a single necklace is something I haven’t found before. Part of the bow is enameled red, and the Century of Progress medallion in the center is enameled yellow (confirmed by description.) It was described as being 17″ long but that is probably a typo because I’ve never seen a flat mesh chain necklace from them in that length. The seller did not bother to properly reposition the bow in the center for the photograph (it can slide on the chain.)



black bakelite bow necklace 1930s05 detailThis Bakelite bow was shown in the Holiday Surprises post in red and in green, and here it is in black. The second photo shows how the Bakelite was attached with a rivet. The necklace is actually a choker (15 1/4″ long); the bow itself measures 1 5/16″ wide and just over 1″ high.

large bow necklace on round and oval link chain 1930s06 round oval chain detailHere is their large bow necklace on a newfound chain. Because I hadn’t seen them use this chain before and wondered if it might be a replacement, I waited until I found at least two other examples before adding this style to the list of chains they used. Like their other large-bow necklaces using the box, flat-link, and snake chains this one is also 16″ long.



black grey white enamel snake chain bow bracelet 1930sHere’s the same black/white/grey colorway seen in the first necklace but this time as a bracelet using their “nubbly” bow and triple snake chain. One chain end has detached from the clasp. The bracelet is 7 1/4″ long.



1930s green enamel box chain bow braceletThis bracelet uses triple box chains instead of triple snake chains, and in a green/silvertone colorway This exact colorway is a bit unusual because in their monochromatic triple-chain pieces the MJM normally used two or three shades: for example three shades of green, or two shades of green plus one plain metal chain.  This bracelet uses only one shade of green and, in another slight departure from their norm, the two outer chains have enamel instead of just the inner one.



1930s silvertone bow cuff bracelet v11930s silvertone bow cuff bracelet v2I never knew the MJM made any cuff bracelets until I found this one. This is, of course, their “tailored” bow and with a larger center ‘tie’ which is in proportion/style to the solid cuff. I was surprised to see that the bracelet is only 1 1/8″ high (tall). It is slightly oval in shape, so the interior diameters are 2 3/8″ x 2″. I wonder if they used any of their other small-bow stampings for cuff bracelets; perhaps the smooth blank bow such as used for their Worlds Fair pieces?

The next Mystery Jewelry Maker post will contain some surprising new style discoveries!

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