Antique Royal Vienna Portrait Vases

The final category of Royal Vienna portrait items is also the largest in terms of item size; unlike the plaques and cabinet plates, some of the vases could take up considerable display space!



Royal Vienna portrait vase Woman with large hat and roses

w23b-detailStarting this overview is just such a piece, standing 27″ high. Unsigned and with marks not cited yet in excellent condition, it brought $8000 at auction in 2016.


small Wagner portrait vase Fruhling aka SpringAt the far other end of the size spectrum is this diminutive 5″ high bulb-form vase titled “Fruhling” (‘Spring’) and signed Wagner. In very good condition other than two of the tiny enamel faux jewels having gone missing, it also has a blue beehive mark (see Portrait Plaques for a discussion of the mark’s relevance or lack thereof.)


Wagner portrait vase Marie de Medici

Marie de Medici vase detailThis study is of Marie de Medici, Queen of France and is based on the late-1500s portrait of her by Frans Pourbous the Younger. Signed Wagner, this is another large vase at 24″ high and almost 11″ at its widest point. Note the exquisite details of her lace ruff and gown.

Wagner KPM vase of two women

Several markings on this 18″ high vase identify it as KPM via the scepter mark, along with a red beehive and impressed marks of A2 and 06702; also signed Wagner on the front. The design is very similar to one of the plates in my previous Royal Vienna post.

Royal Vienna Wagner vase EchoAnother small but exquisite vase at 5.75″, this one is appropriately titled “Echo” and signed Wagner. Marks on the underside include a blue beehive, dec.112, depose (‘registered’), and 5329 42G as well. The auctioneer described the surface decoration as “covered with pastel lustre then overlaid with delicate decor and floral motif under a bright gold covering.”


Royal Vienna portrait vase Voluptew28b-volupte-vase-signatureTitled “Volupte”, this is another smallish vase at 7″ high. No artist signature or noteworthy marks.


Wagner portrait vase Evening SongAt a manageable 16.5″ high and 8.25″ at the widest, this is titled “Abendlied” (‘Evening Song’). Signed Wagner and was possibly from the Oscar Schlegelmilch Porcelain Factory in the town of Langewiesen in Germany.



 Royal Vienna Wagner lusterware vaseRoyal Vienna lusterware vase detailUnmarked and apparantly untitled as well, this fine lusterware vase is 18″ high.


trinket box with Wagner portrait lidThis small round trinket box is made of bronze and silk-lined. The round porcelain portrait set into the top is signed Wagner.


Wagner coffee service with child portraitsWagner child portrait Royal Vienna tray detailThis 12-piece coffee service has a different child portrait on each piece: five saucers, four cups, a sugar bowl, a cream pitcher, a coffee pot and a tray. The coffee pot is 8.5″ high and the tray measures 17.5″ x 11″.  All of the pieces are signed Wagner except for the saucers and two of the cups. The set is also marked Le Palais Royale Habana which was the original retailer. This was a shop offering luxury goods located in Havana, Cuba, and was well known for retailing ornate clocks and fine watches such as Patek Philippe. Le Palais also has a historical association with Al Capone who purchased three Patek watches from them in 1928. One of the watches was given as a bribe to the chief of the Cuban legislature, one he kept, and the third is a bit of a mystery….one story has it that it was given to Capone’s head of security (surely a challenging job if there ever was one!)

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  1. January 19, 2017 at 2:44 pm

    The painting is just divine!

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