Three Art Deco Bakelite and Enamel Bracelets

As promised far too long ago within the first section of my Chains of Evidence post, here are the Art Deco era bracelets that match two of the necklaces shown there. The combination of Bakelite, enamel paint accents and (in one example) embossed metal is quite dramatic.

All three are bangle bracelets (one being hinged) and of the same 2.5″ inside diameter.


black bakelite bangle with white on silver tabs 1930s art deco braceletblack-bakelite-bangle-view-2This colorway is a virtual match for the fifth necklace shown in the aforementioned post, the only difference being that here all of the inner “tab” sections are white whereas on the necklace only the outer ones are painted. The width of the bracelet is slightly less than 3/4″, and the central Bakelite circle is just under 1″ diameter.



black bakelite bangle with blue on silver tabs 1930s art deco braceletIn this version the white is replaced by blue.



embossed bangle with red bakelite circle and enameled tabs 1930s decoMy guess as to the width of the embossed silvertone metal band is between 3/4″ and 1″, judging by the portion of the Bakelite circle that extends past it. In order to accommodate the hinge and clasp, the pointed ends of the striped tab elements have been squared off.

These are the only examples of this bracelet design that I have yet seen, but I suspect that they were made in multiple colorways as matches for their coordinating necklaces.

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