Noel, one of my son and daughter-in-law’s two Siberian cats, has been enamored of their new high definition tv for months. But these two snapshots do make it appear as if there’s some two-way communication going on between “viewed and viewer”! 🙂


Passing along some classified State secrets perhaps?

Are they both watching the “mysterious unseen”, or simply accepting their due of applause from the adoring crowds?

This isn’t the first time that Noel has interacted with what’s on this tv; she gave Disney’s recent live-action movie The Jungle Book two thumbs, err, paws up!


My money’s on the Siberian in this particular standoff.


Noel seems a bit worried that Mowgli is taking advice from the canine contingent.

So if any cat owners out there are wondering if that new 4K HDTV will be worth the investment…. just ask Noel! 🙂