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Eight of these newfound colorways are on necklaces having the unusual decorative front clasp.


The first of two new colorways for the Rococo Pyramid clasp features pink, green, and black triangles on their brass 5/8″ wide flat mesh. Like most of the mesh necklaces it is just about 16″ long. Notice that the clasp looks like it has a slightly different finish than the necklace itself.


This looks at first glance like a reversed patterning of the first one because the large triangles are now located on the lower part of the mesh chain. However, the awkward way in which this necklace sits on the neckform suggests that the clasp’s central piece had become detached and then was reattached “upside down.” These necklaces normally sit very flat and comfortably upon the neck; not at all as this one appears.



A fiery red and black colorway with the same clasp, on their 5.8″ mesh. The center of each triangle is dark green.

Presenting four new colorways featuring their Ribbed Architectural clasp:


The combination of black and pink is quintessentially deco. The mesh chain is 3/8″ wide which is what most examples with this clasp seem to be.

This photo makes me think perhaps these front clasps were not made by the Mystery Jewelry Maker but instead purchased from another company. Why? Because the “base” material of MJM pieces was usually brass; if a silvertone finish was wanted, it would be applied which meant that spots with heavy wear and tear eventually exposed the brass underneath. But looking at this clasp, the materials seem to be reversed: The side pieces – which would get the most wear from opening and closing – appear to be goldtone plated over a silvery base metal. This would explain why the brass/gold front clasps don’t appear to match the finish of the brass mesh necklaces they’re attached to. And so, even if I were to find out who applied for the patent on these front clasp designs, it may not tell me who the Mystery Jewelry Maker company was.



A luscious coffee (or tea sans milk?) brown and white version. The seller described this as being  5/8″ wide which would be atypical, or perhaps was a typo for 3/8″.



Black and white seems to one of their less commonly seen colorways. This example uses the 3/8″ chain.



No width was mentioned for this plain brass example, though it is 16″ long.



An x-and-arrow pattern in red and green on silvertone. There seem to be traces of black paint but it also might be due to oxidation.



Crisp white and spring green diagonal stripes on brass. The same pattern in a salmon pink/bright white colorway is shown in Patterned Mesh Part One. It is 15.5″ long and 5.8″ wide.



This would be a perfect “candy-cane” necklace if only they’d used bright white paint with the red, instead of their off-white/cream color!  It was described as being 15.5″ long and 3/8″ wide.

If you have any information about this jewelry or photographs of examples that do not yet appear in this blog series, I would be delighted to include them in a future post! Please use the Contact Form on the About the Chatsworth Lady page.

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