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Several years ago when I first began idly poking around the internet to see if there might be another necklace by whoever had made my mom’s, it never occurred to me that I’d end up finding 200 different examples!  (Or that I’d reach that point but still not know who the heck they were, lol) Nevertheless, this post contains the 200th different – either in design or colorway – piece of the  ‘Mystery Jewelry Maker’ wares catalogued here, so that’s a bit of a milestone, I think.  🙂

Shown below are the 192nd  through 200th pieces of MJM jewelry discovered: Seven necklaces and one bracelet.


The sole bracelet here is part of a matched set in a newfound colorway for the Rococo Pyramid front clasp necklace.  The second photo is a good illustration of the pattern application. The bracelet is 7″ long, and the neckace is 15″ including the clasp.



This necklace has their Ribbed Architectural clasp and is the third I’ve found in all-metal with absolutely no paint decoration. I happened upon this for sale online at the ridiculously low price of less than $10 including shipping, and on a whim decided to buy it as a test piece for any patterned-mesh-painting skills I might unexpectedly possess. (Full disclosure: I have never attempted such a thing, so this was clearly a risk.) From the listing photos I didn’t think it was in great shape anyway, so what could I lose? What I didn’t expect was how beautifully the necklace cleaned up with minimal effort, prompting me to discard any notion of messing it up with my amateurish painting skills. These front clasp necklaces are daintier “in person” than they may seem from closeup photographs, by the way. Another instance where the MJM has surprised me in a good way! This one is 16″ long and has their 5/8″ wide flat mesh chain.



This black-on-silvertone necklace was done in what I call their “airbrushed effect” although the shading was no doubt done by hand. Similar examples in red and in green are shown in other posts. The seller cited the mesh as being 3/8″ wide; this is surprising because it’s their ‘woven mesh’ which I’ve hitherto found only in the 5/8″ width. The neckace is 15.5″ long



Another new patterned mesh necklace, this time in mustard yellow (or tangerine?) and white paint. Very “sunshiney” indeed! It is 15.5″ long and 5/8″ wide.



This necklace belongs to the small group that I call the “mixed chains medley” and suspect was made at or near the end of the company’s operation. If I had to put a general date to this style I’d peg it as very late 1930s or maybe even early 1940s. It combines three old standbys of MJM findings: the smooth-center box clasp, the watchband-style flat chain, and the snake chain. The flower motif has been found once before on a flat chain but as a central motif and in a bright coppery-shade plating. See the end of the Spring 2017 Update for photos of that necklace plus two others that incorporate multiple chain types and side trims.  This necklace was cited as being 19″ long when measured from the clasp to the bottom of the lowest chain, as worn.



Another all-metal, non-painted surprise: the lotus flower necklace, first one seen in all brass. I tried to detect any evidence of paint traces, but it does look as if this version was left undecorated. This makes me wonder if they did an all-silvertone one as well, though I have some qualms about how that might look.  As usual for this necklace, the length is 16.75″ overall.


A newfound colorway of their classic nubbly-bow/triple box chain necklace, in red and white. This one is 16.5″ long



And finally, the honor of being my 200th Mystery Jewelry Maker discovery goes to (drumroll, please!!) this white triple box chain necklace….. a go-with-anything/anywhere style that is 16″ long.  A hat-tip and bow to Etsy seller Glenna’s Jewels and the “Mystery Jewelry Maker milestone”! 🙂

If you have any information about this jewelry or photographs of examples that do not yet appear in this blog series, I would be delighted to include them in a future post! Please use the Contact Form on the About the Chatsworth Lady page.

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