Useful Technological Translations (or, The Life Cycle of a Project)

In other words: What they say, translated into what they really mean!
(note: I can’t take credit for this, but have no idea who originally wrote it – so, thanks once again to our old friend Anon.!)


Developed after years of research = Discovered by pure accident

The designs are within allowable limits = We made the idea look feasible, via stretching a point or two. Or three.

The design will be finalized… = We haven’t even started yet, but we’ve got to say something.

The entire concept has been rejected. = The guy who designed it quit.

We’re moving forward with a fresh approach. = We hired three new people, and they’re kicking it around.

A number of different approaches… = We have no idea where we’re going, but at least we’re moving.

The project is running behind its original schedule due to unforeseen difficulties. = We’re working on something else first.

Initial test results were extremely gratifying. = It appears as if it might actually work, and boy, are we surprised!

Customer satisfaction is virtually assured! = The product is so far behind schedule that they’ll be grateful for anything at all.

Relying on close project coordination. = We’re gonna spread the blame around, campers!

Preliminary operational tests are inconclusive. = It blew up when we turned it on.

Modifications are underway. = We’re starting over.

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